Zendesk technical consultant

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Part time
6 months+

We have an opening for an experienced Zendesk technical consultant to implement and build customised solutions from the Zendesk API. This is a short term contract, approximately 4-8 weeks with the possibility of ongoing work and maintenance contracts for the right candidate.

We are experiencing hockey stick growth and our call centre operation will grow from 10 to 100 in the next 18 months. We would like to have the right Zendesk solution availoable from the outset.

Pay is based on an hourly rate depending on the applicant's experience.

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Daniel J.
Joined Aug 2020

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Submitted Yesterday at 01:00
Expires 4 weeks from now
Bidding guide $15 - $25/hr
Average bid $175.00

Hired Design

My hourly rate is $15/hr and I think I can finish this in about 10 hours as quoted.

If you choose me I will give this project my full undivided attention to deliver the results on time.

I'm happy if the pay is based on an hourly rate depending on the my experience.

Estimated 10 hours
Freelance Shack

Hello there, I am quoting $20 for this job because I truly believe I can deliver you the best results. I'm a journalist, copywriter and general wordsmith, able to manipulate language in order to help companies achieve their goals. You slogan, about us, catch phrases and article are in good hands with me - I'm not horsing around. Let me know if you would like any more information.

Deliver in 2 days

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