Software programmer using NetSuite

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We use the NetSuite Cloud software across our entire manufacturing company.

We require scripting to enable an auto numbered freight code at customer detail level which is then transferred to any related sales orders.

We also require the availability of a discount to be applied at order level once the order reaches a specific today value as specified at customer level.

We will have continuing casual requirements.

We are willing to pay $1000

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Daniel J.
Joined Aug 2020

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Submitted 1 Aug 2020 at 19:00
Expires 4 weeks from now
Bidding guide $5000+
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Freelance Shack

I don't have experience with NetSuite but with 25 years as a developer I'm sure I won't have too much trouble adapting. I'm pretty good with javascript so I just need to learn the interface and how the project fits together. The budget of $1000 sounds about right, as long as there are no huge gotchas involved.

Deliver in 2 days

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